Countdown Friday: Top 10 Arrowverse Super Villains

Good day to all of you! It is again Countdown Friday! Last week we countdown 10 superheroes from the Arrowverse. This time, we will be doing our countdown on who’s the biggest, baddest and most menacing villain of the Arrowverse. On this list, we will only be talking about villains that appeared in Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow.

Now, let’s start!


10. Vandal Savage

Pilot, Part 2
Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage, the immortal tyrant! He first appeared in the second crossover event of The Flash and Arrow as it’s main villain. He is an immortal who has been terrorizing and killing Shayera/Kendra and Katar/Carter for almost decades and harvesting their life form for him to live like an immortal. In the first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Savage was introduced again as its main villain. In here, Savage has conquered the whole world and killed Rip’s family. He is a conqueror, a dictator, an evil mastermind and his main purpose is to bring everyone down to their knees and submit to him. Too bad he was killed by the use of the Thanagarian meteorites that landed on earth.


9. Livewire/Leslie Willis


Leslie Willis is Livewire. A metahuman that is bound for revenge. She is an electrokinetic which means she can create, control, and be an electricity. Her reason on being a super villain, well simple, she hates Cat Grant on making her career in a total mess, she wants to kill her but she can’t cause Supergirl is there with Cat. She appeared three times already in Supergirl, her first appearance is in the first season, episode four, where her origin was told. She also appeared on the same season, episode eighteen, where Livewire and SIlver Banshee had a team up against Supergirl and The Flash. Then she appeared on the second season of Supergirl but this time, Supergirl saved her from a mad scientist. Evilness? Not that menacing, but still, Supergirl needs to watch her back is ever this electrifying villain is around.


8. Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord

Don’t let this handsome face fool you. This guy is bad! He is the reason Supergirl has a super evil twin. He is also the reason why National City hated Supergirl because of that Red Kryptonite. Although his reasons are reasonable but still, he is the main reason why Supergirl had a bad time building her reputation in her city. There may be times that he helped the DEO in some events but still, that doesn’t count on him being a good guy. I still hope that we can see him in the future episodes of Supergirl.


7. Heat Wave/Mick Rory

Heat Wave

The Pyro Maniac! He really loves fire. Nope, that’s wrong, he is obsessed with fire and because of that, he set his family on fire while they are in the house. Not only that, he watched them burn while standing outside their house, being mesmerized by how the fire dances. You may say that he’s a part of the Legends and I can’t agree more but still his roots are in the villainous parts. He robbed banks and museums with his partner Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold. He has anger issues, impulsive, and most of all, chaotic. Although, we can see him with the Legends, I still want to see him in the menacing side.


6. Cupid/Carrie Cutter


Obsessed with the Arrow and when I say obsessed stalker-type obsession. When the Siege happened, Carrie was one of the people whom the Arrow rescued from a Mirakuru soldier and since then, Carrie fell in love to the vigilante. One year later, Carrie came back but this time she’s doning a new personality. She is now Cupid. She is like Arrow but she kills for love and for The Arrow’s attention. Cupid was then incarcerated in A.R.G.U.S. Then, she became one of the members of Suicide Squad wherein she fell in love with Floyd Lawton a.k.a. Deadshot. But that was sort lived when Deadshot sacrificed himself. Cupid then returns in Star City murdering celebrity couples who are getting married. She believes that love is for crazy people and that they need to die. She is crazy and dangerous and that is why she’s one of the most memorable villains in the Arrowverse.


5. Captain Cold/Leonard Snart

Captain Cold

Captain Cold. The leader of the Rogues and former member of the Legends. He is as cold as his Cold Gun but still sticks to his code; he doesn’t kill. He is a tactian which he uses in robbing banks and museums. Leonard Snart is unlike any other villains in the DC TV. If Vandal Savage is obsessed with power and Livewire is motivated by vengeance, Snart is motivated by greed, nothing more and nothing else. He wants everything in Central City to be his, even the city itself. But with all that, one thing he doesn’t do and that is killing. He may be a greedy a-hole but he doesn’t kill, especially women and children. Now this is a criminal that we can look up to, I guess?


4. Deathstroke/Slade Wilson


Stranded in Lian Yu, Oliver met Slade Wilson, an ex-marine who has some really deadly set of skills. After having a near death experience, Oliver, Shado, and Sara injected Slade a super soldier serum known as the Mirakuru. It then gave Slade enhanced human strength, speed, agility, senses but when Shado was killed by Dr Ivo, Slade began having hallucinations of Shado. And when Oliver admitted that he was the reason why Shado was killed, Slade then swore that he will make Oliver a living hell and then kill him. Slade is a tactian and a leader. He is bound for vengeance for his one true love but is also his weakness. He is skilled and pretty deadly in any weapon given to him but prefers to use his trusty katana. Deathstroke is one hell of a badass.


3. Dark Archer/The Magician/Malcolm Merlyn

Dark Archer

He was first called as The Copycat Archer when he first surfaced for he was also attacking the same people The Hood became active. And then we see him being confronted by The Hood which really did a number on Oliver. From that moment on, the Dark Archer became the Hood’s rival. Malcolm’s purpose on becoming the Dark Archer is to cleanse the streets of Starling City most especially the Glades to avenge his dead wife from the people of the Glades. He was successful by using a machine that can create artificial earthquakes. The Glades was destroyed and a lot died including his son and he sees it as collateral damage. Then he manipulated his daughter Thea in killing Sara just for Oliver to challenge Ra’s Al Ghul. He is cruel, evil, and greedy. Unlike Captain Cold who has a code in not killing, Malcolm withholds nothing just to get what he wants. He is the student of Ra’s Al Ghul which makes him an excellent marksman, a swordsman and a good hand-to-hand combatant.


2. Reverse Flash/Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne

Reverse Flash

The Time-travelling menace. Eobard Thawne has this raging hatred on the Scarlet Speedster. After time-travelling and battling The Flash in 2006, Eobard lost his speed and can’t travel back in his original time. Eobard then devised a plan for his return in the future and that plan includes the Flash. Eobard literally took Harrison Wells life by killing him and becoming him. He then launched S.T.A.R. Labs, recruited young scientists and engineers such as Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Ronnie Raymond, and Hartley Rathaway. Then he he created the Particle Accelerator which would create metahumans including The Flash. From this point on, Eobard, with the persona as Harrison Wells, trained Barry in becoming faster. Thawne is unlike other villains from this list. If others are driven by greed and vengeance, the Reverse Flash has only one goal and its to make The Flash’s life miserable. Ever since Eobard became Reverse Flash, that is his ultimate goal. Kill everyone he loves, take everything he has and destroy his life.


1. Zoom/Hunter Zolomon


When the second season of The Flash started, we are all wondering on who the identity of Zoom is. There were various theories. One was that Zoom was Eddie Thawne’s doppelganger but it wasn’t. Then there was this weird one that they say that Zoom was Henry Allen’s doppelganger. But when Zoom took off his mask, our jaws dropped. We can’t get over it. The Jay Garrick that we thought that trained Barry to be faster was the Zoom! Barry has been manipulated again! It was Harrison Wells all over again! Zoom is pure evil. His greed is way over than Reverse Flash. He wants to be called The Fastest Man Alive and not just in his own earth, he wants to be The Fastest Man in all the Multiverse. He even brought a his meta buddies in Earth-2 to Earth-1 just to conquer it. He also stole The Flash’s speed and for some time took control on Earth-1 Central City. Not to mention the first time he faced Barry, he broke his back, dragged him all over Central City parading The Flash’s body and saying that he is defeated.



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