#DCTV Arrow S05E12: Bratva Recap (Spoilers!)

All new Arrow this week and before we start, warning for those of you guys who haven’t seen this week’s episode, this post will contain spoilers.

Let’s begin!


The Villain!

This week’s villain is none other than General J.G. Walker, the one who framed John Diggle in the military and this time he is heading to Russia to sell nuclear missiles.


The Story! (So Far)

Oliver and the crew are heading to Russia! Yeah! But unfortunately not for a vacation. They are going to Russia for they found out that General Walker is selling nukes to the Markovians. But before they head there, guess who’s out from rehab? Yup, that’s right! Quentin Lance is back! And he is ready to roll!

So now the team heads to Russia without Renee ’cause he needs to do some babysitting to do. When the team arrived in Russia, they were greeted by Oliver’s long time friend, Anatoly Knyazev who greeted Oliver with a really powerful right hook. Anatoly was upset on what happened to their Bratva brother whom Slade killed on season three. Also we see Felicity go a little bit in the dark side when he used the encrypted files that was given to her last episode. The team got their information, thanks to Felicity bribing and threatening a Russian warlord. They used the information on the whereabouts of Gen. Walker is but somehow things go haywire. The tracker led them in a decoy which led in a gun fight. Walker escaped but luckily one of his men were left behind which Oliver interrogated. I really love this part for this was the point where we see the dark side of Oliver again.

But Diggle, being eager in capturing and putting Walker down, did a major number on their prisoner. Diggle beat up the prisoner just to get information out of him but still it was useless. This time, Oliver went back to his old friend Anatoly for help. There, Oliver, his team and the Bratva tracked down the location of Walker and took him down. But before it all ended, Walker had just set one nuke active. Felicity couldn’t disarm it and the only way for them to survive is to bring it out the city but it was impossible for the nuke is about to go off. Then Rory sacrificed himself by using the rags as shield and absorb the explosion, just what he did in Havenrock. The rags saved them but it gave Rory a huge toll. The rags magic don’t work anymore which forces Rory to leave the team for a while and look for solutions on how to restore the rags magic.

Then we see before the episode ended that Susan Williams is doing some research on her own on what Oliver’s whereabouts really are five years ago. Susan finds out that Oliver is part of Bratva and she also found out that Oliver Queen and The Green Arrow is only one person.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Talia are after a drug dealer from Starling City. There Oliver found out that that drug dealer is in his father’s list. He dones his green hood and says for the first time his most epic line which is, “You have failed Starling City!” Then he shoots the man dead.


What to Look Forward?

Next week we see Oliver work as mayor of Star City and face one of the city’s problems, gun control. In the next episode, Renee’s back story will be told. We will see how he was as a family man and how he signed in the marines and how he was dismissed.


Favorite Part!

I’ll add this part for in this episode, we see some parts that are had a very Arrow-y signature. The first one is in the flashbacks where Oliver and Talia took out some drug traffickers. The smooth killing spree of Oliver is breath-taking. The way he quickly moves and shoots those arrows. Then when Talia suddenly shots an arrow to Oliver and Oliver just turns around and catches it as if he is catching a pen.

Olive Queen and Talia Al Ghul out for target practice.
Oliver catches Talia’s arrow.

My second favorite part is when Oliver was interrogating one of Walker’s man.  He uses a car battery and some car jumper and scares the man being interrogated. Although he didn’t use it against him but still, we saw the Oliver we once saw on the first season of Arrow.

2017-02-09 (4).png

The last scene is another scene from the flashback where Oliver said his famous lines and still killed the drug lord. It reminded me of the tone of Arrow had when they first began.

2017-02-09 (5).png
“You have failed Starling City!”

Well, that’s it for now folks and I hope that you liked my post. For more recaps, poems and stories, stay tune on my blog.



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