#DCTV The Flash S03E12: Untouchable Recap (Spoilers!)

Good day to you! The Flash is back in an all new episode this week and before I start I want to warn you that this post will be containing spoilers. So if you haven’t watched this week’s episode, close this immediately and watch it first.

So that being said, let’s start.


The Villain!

This week’s villain is Clive Yorkin, a meta who got his powers from the Philospher’s Stone. His power is that he everything he touches decays. Apparently he hates Joe West and others that arrested him in Flashpoint so he goes on his killing spree.


The Story! (So Far)

A lot happened last night in  The Flash. First is that they have a new meta around who can decay everything he touches. We also have Barry training Wally to be faster and this time Barry is teaching Wally to phase through things. Then Joe finds out that Barry time traveled in the future, predicting Iris’ death which made him furious with the team and most especially to Barry. The problem then escalates when Joe was being pursued by Clive Yorkin, the big bad meta. But when he was unsuccessful, Clive goes to Iris and threatens to kill her. Kid-Flash came zooming in but he was too late for the decaying was already in process. Caitlin helps by freezing Iris’ arm, where the decaying was but then using her powers was a big risk on her part. But still in the end, Caitlin managed to be in control, thanks to Julian helping her. Wally defeats Clive by phasing through him and giving him a dose of his blood which neutralized his blood.

And before I forget, there was this awesome scene where DC fans will be excited about. Remember that moment in the comics where Barry phased a crashing plane through a bridge? Well, that happened in the show except that replace the crashing airplane with a speeding train and the bridge with a pile of rubble. Barry phased a train which was totally awesome and really exhausting on Barry’s part.

The Flash phasing a crashing airplane through a bridge.
The Flash phasing a speeding train through a pile of rubble.


What to Look Forward to?

Before the episode ended, while Wally was enjoying his new found skill, a breach opened and Jessie Wells came out. She is in her Jessie Quick outfit and told Wally that Harrison Wells has just been taken by Grodd in his city. Well I guess that we will see Gorilla City on February 21 (I really hate it when they do breaks, it breaks my enthusiasm).


Well, I hope you like our recap for this week and stay tune for more!


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