#DCTV Powerless S01E01: Wayne or Lose Recap (Spoilers!)

We have a new DC TV on the horizon and it is not your usual DC TV show. It’s a sitcom and its Powerless! Before I start I want to warn you that this post will contain spoilers from the previous episode.

Let’s start!

The Story!

We start by meeting Emily Lock, a regular lady who works in a world where superheroes exists. Ever since she wanted to make a difference in her society and she finally got her chance when Wayne Security, an annex of Wayne Enterprises that focuses on creating gadgets to lessen collateral damages. But when Bruce Wayne decides that they needed to be shut down, it is up to Emily with her new found team to bring the company back to its feet. Luckily, they made a device that can detect villains using their scent. Bruce Wayne approved the gadget which in return made Wayne Security safe.


What Do I Think?

Well, first and foremost, Powerless is a new sitcom and it is too early to judge if the show is going to be good or bad. The show provided good humor and a good story that anyone can follow. It is not that bad and it is not that good. On my opinion, let’s give the show some leg room. Let them stretch their wings and soar. In that way we are giving the show some space and room for improvement and I think they’ll do good in this show.

So that’s it for now and I hope you like my short post about our new series. Stay tune for more!


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