#DCTV Arrow S05E11:Second Chances Recap (Spoilers!)

We have a new episode of Arrow this week. Before I proceed on this week’s recap, I want to warn ya’ll that this post will contain spoilers.

With that said, let’s begin.

The Villain!

This week’s villain is like what I said in my post in The Flash, it’s not a villain, it is just a dilemma. This week we have Dinah Drake, a metahuman with a Canary Cry. Oliver with Renee and Curtis are after her and want to recruit her in the team.

The Story! (So Far)

The episode starts in a flashback, three years ago in Central City, minutes before the particle accelerator was turned on and exploded, where we find Tina Boland being held by some thugs. Her partner then was brought in and as the explosion from the particle accelerator came, Tina’s partner was then shot and the dark matter affected Dinah and Sean Sonus, the leader of the gang. Back in the present, Oliver and the others are searching for a candidate in who would be the next Black Canary. ¬†Curtis then showed the team his research which aroused Oliver’s interest. Oliver with Renee and Curtis then sets sail to Hub City where they would try to talk and recruit Tina in the team. Several times, the team were rejected but at the end Tina joined Oliver’s cavalry. Back in Star City, Felicity and Rory are trying to look for solutions on how to bring Dig out of jail. Luckily, while surfing in the Dark Net, Felicity was contacted by a person with a codename Kojo Sledgehammer and wants to meet in person to give what Felicity needs for John to be bailed out in prison. The two met and Felicity got what she need and even more what she needs. Kojo Sledgehammer inspired Felicity again to go back in the Dark Net and do what she used to do, to be a hacktivist. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Oliver was rescued by Talia and wants to help Oliver. It was Talia who inspired Oliver to give his monster an identity.


What to Look Forward?

In the teaser, we see Team Arrow is back in Russia! Yeah! Anatoly is going to help Oliver and his team with something and I think it is pretty serious. Diggle is out of prison with Dinah, also known as Tina, is back with the team.


I hope you guys like my recap for this week’s Arrow. I know it is pretty short compared to the other DC TV shows. I hope Arrow will find their strength again like the way they used to.

That’s it for now.


Signed by,

The Duke


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