Countdown Friday: Top 10 Arrowverse Superheroes

Hola amigos! Today, we bring back Countdown Fridays and for this day we are going to talk about DC Superheroes that we see and watch in the CW. Yup, that’s right, I chose 10 superheroes from the DC-CW or how others call it, the Arrowverse. For this list, it is based solely on my opinion, so if you see something that you don’t like, well, it is just my opinion. On this list, I only chose heroes that appears in Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. So let us begin!

10. Firestorm/Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson


Well, we have two Firestorms and I like Ronnie Raymond’s Firestorm but still, I prefer Gray and Jax’s version. It was the version I grew up seeing in the comics and the one I saw in Batman: Brave and the Bold. In Ronnie and Professor Stein’s version, we see the two are really compatible, Ronnie being an engineer and Stein as a nuclear physicist, it is as if destiny brought them together. But when Ronnie died and Professor Stein was in need of a new partner to merge with, Jax came into picture. At first, the two seems unfit for each other for Jax being a mechanic and Prof. Stein as a physicist, their line of work don’t match. Also the age gap, Jax was young and in his teenage years while Stein is old and well experienced in life and at the same time can’t connect easily with the younger one. But as time goes, the two seems to connect and work together. There may be some complication but they make sure they fix it together.

9. Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onnz/Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onnz

At first, I thought Hank was going to be one of the threats in Supergirl’s first season. But then, when he revealed himself to Alex, I admit, I was surprised. I didn’t see that one coming. Then, he became one of my favorite characters in Supergirl and I love watching him in action, especially when he’s in Martian form. The other thing that I like about this guy is his backstory. Yup, it is like Superman’s but more tragic. He experienced a very traumatic event in his life and when I say traumatic, it’s seeing your people being killed by White Martians and then you are the only one who survived it. Man, that is horrifying and tragic but it didn’t stop J’onn to be a hero. Now, we see him as the director of the DEO or Department of Extranormal Operations and as a help along side with the Girl of Steel.

8. The Atom/ Ray Palmer

The Atom

When I heard that Brandon Routh would be coming to Arrow and would be cast as Ray Palmer a.k.a. The Atom, I was so excited and was anticipating for him to suit up. Then we saw The Atom Suit. Then he was presumed dead. Then turns out, he was just shrunk down. Then he’s in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Man, that is a lot to take in. And to top that, he is not your usual billionaire, genius; he is also a nerd and he’s not afraid in showing it even if he would be stopped by his other teammates, good thing there’s Nate. His backstory is tragic and he used it to be inspired to make a difference in the society using his inventions. And right now I think he is doing a pretty good job in protecting mankind by joining Captain Tip Hunter in his Waverider to protect history.

7. Spartan/John Diggle


At first we thought that Oliver’s bodyguard would be called by the intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps but that didn’t happen. Then there were other speculations that he will become a meta and be Black Lightning, but no, that also didn’t happen. But this happened, he became Spartan. Well, Dig is still cooler than Spartan. Ever since Arrow started, John Diggle is with Oliver through thick or thin. his skills as an ex-marine and experience in the battle field is always a great help for Oliver Queen when he was still The Hood. John is that one member of Team Arrow that can never be replaced. He serves as muscle for the group, a counselor to the members and a friend to everyone, just don’t let him see metahumans, he still can’t get over them.

6. Guardian/James Olsen


At first I was skeptic on this one, bringing Guardian to the show. But when I saw him in action and heard James reasons why he wants t be Guardian, well, it is reasonable. He wants to make a difference and leave Superman and Supergirl’s shadow and be the hero he is destined to be. His courage is amazing and his love to protect others is the one that anyone should imitate. Also, he has this cool shield to hit with whenever criminals are going to strike him.

5. White Canary/Sara Lance

White Canary

Sara Lance, the first Black Canary and now one of the Legends. She is everything anyone can wish for. Beauty, check; brains, check; brawn, check; assassin’s skills, check. What else can you ask for? After being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, she came back to life more lethal than she ever was. But still, the goodness is still seen in her. Then she was recruited by Rip Hunter to protect history from any time aberrations that may happen. In season 1, we saw a Sara who doesn’t trust Rip or anyone in the team but after that she learned to trust others and see what they can contribute in the team. And now she is the Acting-Captain of the Waverider, taking over for the meantime from the missing-in-action Captain Hunter.

4. John Constantine


Probably, you maybe wondering where this little bloody devil is in the countdown. Surprise, surprise. Ever since he took on the mantle, I mean trench coat, of the infamous Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the Dark Arts, it feels like it was meant for him to do the role as Constantine. Matt Ryan’s Constantine is the comic accurate characters that we can see in the small screen. Although Keanu Reeves Constantine is good but Matt Ryan’s portrayal of the English Exorcist is the most memorable and at the same time entertaining version. Too bad NBC cancelled the show but goody, he has an army of fans backing him. From that time on, fans are asking when would he be coming back and it was granted on the fourth season of Arrow, where Matt Ryan again wore the trench coat and visited Team Arrow in Star City. Also, CW has just confirmed that Matt Ryan has been cast as the voice of Constantine in his very own CW Seed animated series. I hope that he’ll be coming back very soon in live action series.

3. Supergirl/Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El


Isn’t she lovely? I can’t get over her. Whenever she’s in her Kara Danvers disguise, she is beautiful, soft spoken, sweet, kind, and so adorable and when she’s Supergirl, she’s strong in spirit, brave, and still beautiful. I can’t help in whenever I watch Supergirl, I tend to drift away and just stare on her beautiful face. Enough of that. Okay, Supergirl is third on my list cause, she’s Supergirl, the cousin of Superman. She can fly, has super speed, heat vision, cold breath, can soar flare, invulnerable except to Kryptonite and magic. Also, I’ll repeat what I wrote a while back, she is kind, sweet, strong in spirit, courageous and lovable. Well, I hope that someday Jimmy and Kara will get back together.

2. The Flash/Barry Allen

The Flash

We give our second spot to the Scarlet Speedster. Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen was first seen in the second season of Arrow as a forensic scientist from Central City, looking for phenomena that can’t be explained by any one. Then an accident made him the impossible. To the outside world, he’s an ordinary forensic scientist but secretly with the help of his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, he fights crime and find other metahumans like him. Wait, did I just quote Barry’s opening line? *laughs* So sorry, I got carried away. The Flash is one of those heroes that anyone can look up to. He is not only lightning fast, he is also kind, brave, and has a sense of justice. And he has a great Rogues Gallery that wants him dead.

1. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

The Green Arrow

His name is Oliver Queen and for five years in hell, he came home with one goal, to save his city. And sure he did. First he was the murderous Hood, who kills people in his father’s list, who are poisoning his city. After that he became the Arrow, a vigilante that has a code that he doesn’t kill but then his identity was compromised when Ra’s gave his true identity to Captain Lance. Then after presuming that he was killed in prison, thanks to Roy who surrendered to the police and telling them that he’s the Arrow. After sometime, Oliver came back in Star City and sees that it still needs saving. He then took a new persona, the one that doesn’t kill and will never kill and would inspire justice and hope to others. Now, Oliver Queen fights the war in two fronts, by day, he’s Star City mayor and by night, he is known as the Green Arrow. I also can’t get over his famous catch phrase whenever he catches bad guys, whenever they are pinned down on the ground, he usually says his famous line which is, “You have failed this city!” That line is awesome!


I hope you guys like this first of our Countdown Fridays. Let me know below the comment section what you want me to do next week. For posts about poems, stories, and everything about DC and Marvel, subscribe to my blog and you’ll always be updated.

Signed by

The Duke



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