Something’s Coming Back

Good day or night to all of you! This is The Duke!

So I’ve been busy for the past few weeks, posting recaps of sows from the DC TV. I hope you like the recaps and you’ll be seeing more of it this coming weeks. Also I’ll be posting about Easter Eggs and References seen in the DC TV and also the upcoming Legion which is connected to the X-Men franchise in Fox.

Okay, enough of that, it’s time I say my good news. If you’ve been following me even when I have my first blog in Weebly, I usually do a countdown of topics I usually choose. Guess what? I’m bringing it back! Tomorrow will be our Countdown Friday! Right now, I’m still thinking of what topic I’m going to post but I assure you, it will be awesome!

So, that’s it for now and I hope you have a great day or night ahead of you!


Signed by,

The Duke


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