#DCTV The Flash S03E11: Dead or Alive Recap (Spoilers!)

The Flash is back for an all new episode this week and before we talk about it, I want to warn you that this will contain spoilers.

The Villain!

Although, I can’t consider Gypsy as a villain for this week’s episode but I can just say she’s our dilemma. Yup, Gypsy is here and she’s hunting HR Wells. She was the one we saw last episode before the credits. Apparently, she’s here because HR broke their earth’s inter-dimensional law and it is forbidden for Earth-19 beings to travel to different Earths. She’s powerful and has the same powers as Cisco, yup she can vibe.


The Story! (So Far)

We catch the team helping Barry increase his speed. Then we have Julian in the team which is great because he’s also helping Barry be faster. We also have Iris who is writing an investigation about a weapons dealer, the one who gave Plunder his gun, and it seems that she’s getting herself into trouble. Now HR is in real danger. Gypsy from Earth-19 is in Earth-1 and she needs to bring HR back to their Earth for him to be trialed for breaking the forbidden inter-dimensional travel. But before HR was brought back to Earth-19, Cisco came and challenged Gypsy by a trial-by-combat-challenge. Gypsy accepted the challenge and gave Cisco the customary 24 hour preparation. Cisco trained but still needs more time for him to master his powers. Meanwhile, Iris is determined to uncover the story about the arms dealer and asked Wally for help. They found the warehouse where the weapons were held and it almost cost Iris her life. Good thing Wally is around to save her but Joe found out on what happened. Definitely, Joe didn’t like on what happened and Barry talked to Iris on what happened and found out that Iris is afraid to die without leaving any dent in history. Barry comforted Iris which led to them having a warm hug. Then we return to Cisco, who is now ready to face Gypsy who is in full Vibe costume. Vibe and Gypsy fought and it was a pretty cool. It was an inter-dimension fight! First they’re in Earth-2, on top of S.T.A.R. Labs. Next they were in Earth-38 where they are seen inside Catco Worldwide Media. The last Earth, man I don’t know where they are, possibly in Apokalips or somewhere in the Multiverse. Then they returned in Earth-1 wherein Vibe defeated Gypsy. In the en, Gypsy returned to Earth-19 without HR, declaring that she killed him. In that case, HR will never retun in his original Earth and will stay in Earth-1 for the rest of his life. Also at the end of the episode, Barry finally figured out on how to defeat Savitar and save Iris. He will train Wally to be faster in order for him to save Iris.


So what do you think is the best part in this week’s The Flash? Let me know below in the comment section. Stay tune for more recaps of this week’s DC TV and other things I do here my blog.

Cisco in full Vibe costume!
Vibe and Gypsy in Earth-2
Earth-38, Catco Worldwide Media
Earth-38, Inside James Olsen’s Office

2017-02-02 (4).png






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