#DCTV Gotham S03E14: Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies Recap (Spoilers!)

Gotham is back for their winter finale! Man, I am really pumped up on the events that happened! Before I start the recap, beware, I will be posting some spoilers from this week’s episode.

So let’s start!

The Villain!

Although, all of them are Batman’s villains, we’ll just focus on the this week’s antagonist. On this week’s villain, we have the resurrected Jerome Valescka with his really disturbing and stapled face. He did a real great job in being the menace this week. Man, I love Cameron Monaghan’s portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime (even better than Jared Leto). He brings out the insanity, the genius and the menacing part of The Joker all at the same time. I really hope that we get to see him more in Gotham.


The Story! (So Far)

Gotham is in chaos and Jerome is its cause. The streets are in fire and everyone is creating havoc in Gotham. Detective Jim Gordon and Acting-Captain Harvey Bullock are in search for Jerome and found out, with the help of Dr. Leslie Thompkins, that he is after Bruce Wayne. Wayne on the other hand was kidnapped by Jerome and was brought in a circus for him to finish the job and by finishing the job I mean killing Bruce Wayne. Then we get to see Oswald Cobblepot tell his feelings towards Edward Nygma. Well, Nygma is angry and at the same time disgusted on Oswald. And also with Nygma are Barbara, Tabitha and Butch still plotting to take Gotham from Oswald. Now back to Gordon who is now with Bullock and Alfred who are searching for Bruce. On the other hand Bruce is with Jeremy who is causing trouble in the circus. Then we get to see Jerome preparing a cannon to fire to Bruce but he eventually escaped and confronted Jerome in a mirror room. Bruce fought Jerome which almost made him kill Jerome. After that, Jerome was apprehended by the GCPD and has been sent to Arkham. Back to Nygma and Cobblepot, they are now outside the city, in the docks were Nygma is about to kill Cobblepot which he did and dumped it in the water in the docks.


What to Look Forward to?

Well, it sure is a bummer that Gotham is in a winter break and that they’ll be coming back in April. But the show teases us on what to look forward for this coming April and these are:

-Nygma getting his

In the teaser, the next episode will be entitled “How The Riddler Got His Name.” We also got to see Nygma donning on the green suit of The Riddler.

-Bruce an agent of The Court of Owls

At the end of the episode, we saw Bruce got a talk again with the Court and Bruce accepts the Court’s offer that he will be working with them. Then we get to see Bruce, in the teaser, out in the streets kicking ass.


There are a lot of things that are happening in Gotham for the next episode and I am really pumped up on what they will do next. I hope you like this week’s recap and I hope you stay tune for more.


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