#DCTV DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S0E09: Raiders of the Lost Recap (Spoilers)

Now on my third recap of the week, let’s talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! The Legends are back and before I say anything else, if you haven’t watched this week’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, you are free to exit this article. You have been warned! Now, let’s ride the Waverider and go back to the past!

The Villains!

This week’s episode we get to see the Legion of Doom fully formed with Malcolm Merlyn, Damian Dhark, and Eobard Thawne a.k.a. The Reverse-Flash as its members. I am really glad that the three are now working together but with a purpose to acquire the Spear of Destiny.

The Story (So Far!)

We return in the Waverider five months before the Rip Hunter retrieving the Spear of Destiny in the Waverider before being dispersed somewhere in history. Then we return to the present time wherein Mick Rory, a.k.a. Heat Wave, is asking for Professor Stein’s help with his Snart Hallucination problem. Ray, Nate, and Amaya are still searching for the whereabouts of the Legion of Doom and the use of the amulet.Then we find Rip Hunter in 1967 Hollywood where he’s a student in film school and guess what, he’s classmate is Mr George Lucas. That’s right, the one who created Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  The Legion then goes to 1967 Hollywood and tries to kidnap Rip Hunter but eventually the Legends came into action and tried to rescue Rip who thinks that he’s Philip Gramer. The Legion and the Legends failed in retrieving Rip, unfortunately, and was caught by the police. Then the Legends created a plan in getting back their captain by pretending that Professor Stein is Rip’s psychiatric doctor

Meanwhile, Ray and Nate are having problems especially with their memories. Their memories were somehow altered and even their jobs were changed when George Lucas witnessed a very terrifying event when Merlyn and Dhark used futuristic weapons to capture Rip. This in turn made him quit film school and decided to go back to his hometown and be a businessman instead. The consequences were that Mr. Lucas didn’t made The Star Wars franchise which would inspire Ray Palmer to be an inventor and he also he will not make The Indiana Jones franchise that would inspire Nate Haywood to be a historian. Amaya, Ray, and Nate then went out and searched for George Lucas and tried to convince him to return to film school.

Back in the Waverider, Prof. Stein is helping Mick with his Snart problem. Still, the professor sees no problem and tells Mick that his hallucinations are just a manifestation of his grief that he’s just missing his partner. Then we go back to the trio with Mr Lucas now being held by the Legion of Doom who are in search of the Spear of Destiny which was being used as a prop in the film Rip and Lucas are making. We find them in a trash compactor which really looks familiar in George Lucas films. At this point Ray and Nate are trying to convince Mr. Lucas to go back in film school when suddenly the trash compactor’s walls moved. This made the situation more intense and made Mr.Lucas decide that he’d be going back in film school. Suddenly, Nate’s powers came back and Ray’s suit also came back.

The Legends and Legion of Doom fought in the scrapyard until Rip Hunter showed up, in full Rip Hunter costume. But still, it was just a ruse that would just divert the focus of The Legion of Doom. In the end, Rip was captured by the Legion by Reverse-Flash and it is up to our Legends f Tomorrow to find their captain fast.



Easter Eggs/References

In the show there were a lot of references especially to George Lucas work. One part is when the Legends were thrown inside a trash compactor. Star Wars fans will immediately recognize the familiar setup. You get a glimpse when Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca were trapped in a trash compactor and the walls suddenly moved and were trying to crush them. One reference again is when Amaya said to George Lucas that he is their “only hope”, a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Also, there was a very distinct skull that you can see in the library table where Nate is doing his research. It is like the one in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. That’s so far I’ve seen in the recent episode. Have I forgotten something? Please do comment below and tell me what was you favorite scene or moment in this week’s episode.


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