#DCTV The Flash S03E10: Borrowing Problems from the Future (Spoilers!)

Good day to all of you and yes, The Flash is back! Man, I am totally pumped when I saw that the Scarlet Speedster and Team Flash is back ever since they had their mid-season break. SO now, we’ll be talking about the this week’s episode which is entitled “Borrowing Problems from the Future.” If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, you’re free to close this article. You’ve been warned! Now, let’s talk about The Flash!

The Villain!

This week’s villain is Jared Morillo a.k.a. Plunder because he looks like a pirate and robs banks. In the comics, Plunder is a mirror image of Detective Jared Morillo. In The Flash, his origin was not told but still he poses a threat in the series for he is one clue for Flash/Barry Allen in the future when Savitar kills Iris West. What is cool about him is his weapon, his futuristic rifle. It fires lasers, heat seeking bullets, and net laser thingy that he used when he was being pursued by Flash and Kid Flash (yes, Kid Flash is in this episode). I think that the series needs more of Plunder and explore in his background and I hope that he’d be recruited in The Rogues.

The Story! (So Far)

Barry Allen is having nightmares of Iris dying in the hands of Savitar ever since he saw the future. Then there’s Barry training Wally as Kid Flash which is pretty cool the fact that we can see the two of them working together. But Barry is still worrying on the events that will happen in the future that it causes him to almost lose to Plunder but eventually Kid Flash comes zooming in the scene and saves The Flash’s ass. The S.T.A.R. Labs Museum was also launched but a few and I mean really, it’s like no one came in his launch. Then Barry reveals the future to Iris and the team. Cisco and Barry then vibed to the future and looked for clues in order for them to avoid Iris’ death. Barry and Cisco then saw clues that the future was changed and other clues that will help them in the near future which I will share later. Plunder then broke out of jail an it’s up to Kid Flash to save the day which he did and at the same time changed the events in the future.

Clues to the Future


“Music Meister gets six-figure book deal”

This is a hint to the upcoming Supergirl/TheFlash crossover. Music Meister would be the main villain for the crossover event. Music Meister has the ability to hypnotize anyone to sing, now that is one cool power. The crossover episode will air on March 20 and 21 in the CW.


“City still recovering from gorilla attack”

Does this mean that Gorilla Grodd will be coming back  in Central City? We don’t know but recently, producer Andrew Kreisberg said that there will be a two part episode about Grodd.


“Killer Frost still at large”

In the recent episode, we saw that Killer Frost is having problems with her power-suppressor cuffs especially with the power battery of the cuffs. She is also having a hard time to control her powers. Does this mean that in the next episodes we’ll see Caitlin Snow turn to Killer Frost?


“Joe West honored in City Hall”

There are two theories in this one. One is that Joe West will do something heroic that will eventually lead to his death and the City will honor his heroic act. The second theory is that e does something honorable and he survives and in turn the City honors him. I really hope its the latter.


“STAR Labs Museum closes”

Now this is really interesting. Just this episode, we see that HR re-launched STAR Labs as a Museum and at the end of the episode we can see that it is in good shape, apparently. But before we close to credits, we saw a lady who went out the Speed Force who is hunting HR who is probably a fugitive from his Earth. This maybe a hint to HR’s future that he’ll close it for good. What’s the reason? Let’s find out in the next episodes of The Flash.



This week’s episode gave me things that I will definitely look forward to this second half of the season. I am excited on what the developments would be and I hope that this season will not disappoint us.

That’s it for now, stay tune for next week’s review on The Flash and other DC TV shows.


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