#DCTV Arrow S05E10: Who Are You (Spoilers!)

Hello dukes and duchess! It is I, The Duke! Here I am again and we will be talking about this week’s DC TV specifically Arrow! Yup, Arrow’s back for the second half of the season. Before I start, if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, you are free to exit from this article. You’ve been warned. Now let’s start talking about Arrow!


The Villain!

We know that this season’s main villain is Prometheus but for this week’s episode we have Laurel Lance of Earth-2 a.k.a. Black Siren. She was recruited by Prometheus to destroy Team Arrow from the inside. It’s good to see Katie Cassidy back as Laurel but not as the Laurel we knew from the previous seasons. In here, Laurel is trying to manipulate Team Arrow especially Oliver. Although she failed in her mission and was sent to A.R.G.U.S., I still want to see Black Siren in the next episodes not only in Arrow but also in the other DC TV shows.


The Story! (So Far)

We came back and saw Oliver being reunited with Laurel, back from the dead. Team Arrow have a little reunion until Felicity made her investigation and found out that it is Laurel’s doppelganger from Earth-2. Then Diggle is back in jail, bummer, but Oliver is willing to help but not in the-busting-him-out-of-jail-kinda way. He asks DA Adrian Chase to help Dig him get out of that miserable situation. Meanwhile, Curtis is upset thinking that he’s not contributing anything in Team Arrow and also not protecting his husband Paul. Felicity is upset and wants to take Black Siren down. In the end, Team Arrow was successful even though Prometheus got away but at least they have Black Siren locked up in A.R.G.U.S. Now Oliver and the team is in search for Black Canary’s replacement. To add on this episode, the flashbacks were all about Oliver being beaten by the leader of Bratva but was saved by none other than Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul.


What to Look Forward to?

So next week, Green Arrow and the others are in the streets looking for their new Black Canary. Also to look forward next week is Talia’s role in saving Oliver and why is she looking for him?

My view on this episode, well, I’ll say that it’s not that great but not awful, so I’ll go with good. The Arrow series is far from redemption but I hope they give the fans more action just like what they did in Season 1 and 2 but a good action and less crying and dialogues.

So I hope you liked my recap on this week’s episode. Stay tune next week for another recap and give your thoughts and comments for this week’s episode below on the comments section.


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