Assassin’s Creed The Movie Review (Spoilers!)

Good Day! It is I. Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound like me. Okay from the top. Good day to all of you! The Duke is back and it has been months since I last posted. Right now I am pretty pumped on what’s ahead of me! At this point, I’m still planning on what I’m going to do this year but fret not, all will be revealed in due time, or when I’m not lazy to post.

So this post is my first for this year. First in a sense that I’ll be doing a Movie Review. If you are aware on what I do and have been following me from my old sight, you know I don’t do movie reviews. Reason is that I feel that it is too¬†complicated and I don’t comment that much when it comes to films. But then I just realized that is also a fun way for me to improve my writing skills.

Before I start this review, I would like to warn you, the reader, if you haven’t seen Assassin’s Creed The Movie and don’t want to be spoiled on the events in the film, you are free to exit on this sight. But before exiting please feel free to read my other posts.

So here it is, you’ve been warned. Let’s start.

So, apparently, Dr. Alan Rikkin, the CEO of Abstergo Industries, was assassinated by Callum Lynch. Yes, you read that right, he was killed by Callum. Basically, that is the one of the four interesting parts in the movie. Before I expound on that part, let me say something about the cast. Michael Fassbender’s Callum Lynch is okay, on my part. Yup, his backstory is tragic but not that tragic but it can motivate the protagonist’s motives. Callum is a bit shallow as a character but maybe it will be a part of his character development given that the movie franchise will be a trilogy. What about Marion Cotillard’s Sofia Rikkin? Well, she is cool but just like Callum, Sofia’s motives are shallow, although it involves not risking her test subjects in the Animus which is a good reason but not explaining why ’cause you know, she’s a Templar. Then, there’s Jeremy Iron’s Dr. Alan Rikkin. Well, 20th Century Fox just wasted a good character and a good actor in this film. Yup, he is bad but not evil while in the games he seems really evil.

Now let’s go to Fassbender’s other role which is Aguilar. There is only one word that I can use to describe him. Badass. Man, he kicks Templar ass and he does it with gusto. Probably, Aguilar’s fight scenes are my second favorite part of the film. Some of the scenes are kinda dull inside the Animus especially the dialogue part but when it comes to the parkour and the fight scenes, it was all awesome. Before the film I was expecting that the Spanish Inquisition will be good and I was hoping that Ezio will be having a brief cameo but nope, he didn’t show up. Then here’s the third interesting part of the film. In the Assassin’s Creed franchise, either if it’s in the game, books, or the comics, you’ll see or read about famous personalities that can be found on that era and in the movie you’ll get to see Sultan Muhammad XII is a part of the Assassin’s Brotherhood and then I was really surprised that Christopher Columbus was in the movie and he’s a part of the Brotherhood too.

Now, the fourth thing that caught my attention was the part where Callum while re-living his Aguilar’s life. It was the moment wherein the two of them were in perfect sync and in then Aguilar did a leap of faith. You may be thinking, “A leap of faith, really? That’s the best part?”, wait for it, bub. Then, as Aguilar and Callum executed a leap of faith, the Animus somehow broke. Yup, then there was this weird part wherein it was not a part of Aguilar’s memory but Calllum was re-living it. Then, somehow, in an unexplainable way, Assassin’s from different timelines showed up. It was really freaky and cool at the same time. Then, suddenly Callum’s mother talked to him, I don’t know how but it was cool. While in the Animus, Callum was then initiated by his dead mother where he said the famous lines in the game which is “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.” After that, he went out of the Animus and went to kick some Abstergo ass.

What do you think of the movie? I think it needs more work. The Assassin’s Creed games have already built its foundations in the gaming world even when it comes to the literature aspect but when it comes to film, the franchise needs a little bit of time for them to have their reputation built in the film industry. The action scenes were amazingly choreographed, the props, it was all good especially the Apple of Eden and the hidden blades. The story, honestly it was crappy. There are too many references that were not explained properly in the game such as the function of the Apple of Eden, why do people who use the Animus experience The Bleeding Effect, and why are the Assassins and Templars fighting. If you’re an Assassin’s Creed, you already know these things but if you are new to the franchise ¬†you might be wondering and need to be educated on how these thing work.

Okay, before I conclude this very long post of mine, I would like to rate this movie 6.5 out of 10 which is okay on my book. I want to give Assassin’s Creed a chance so let’s wait for the next installment for he movie.

So, that’s it for now guys. I’d be doing my next movie review for Logan in March 1, 2017 here in the Philippines.

God Bless!


The Duke


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