Stop Screwing Up The Timeline


Good Morning!

I hope you guys are having a great day so far.

You may be wondering about that thing on top of this post.Let me explain. Last year, as I was reading the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, I made a realization about it in real life. I reflected and at the same time I was watching the first two episodes of The Flash season 3 and it was talking about timelines. Well, apparently, Barry Allen just went back in time to save his mom and eventually the timeline was reset and everything went completely different. And throughout those two episodes, Barry was experiencing changes, for example, he was losing his memories from his previous timeline and needs to change it back in order for him to regain all his memories. And when Barry and Thawne changed the timeline back to it’s original state, they created a paradox and changed the lives of the people closest to him. Cisco’s brother died, Caitlin got powers, Dig’s daughter was changed into a son and so on and so forth. Barry then realized that he needs to go back in time and change the timeline again but as he was running in the Speed Force, Jay Garrick from Earth-3 pulled him out. There, in Jay’s Earth, he explained that Barry can’t change the timeline whenever something bad happens. He tells Barry that whenever you change on part of the timeline, instead of fixing it, you make things worse. There Barry realized that changing the timeline is not the solution. He should face it and not change it.

And so, that’s where I got that “Stop Screwing Up The Timeline” thingy. In connection to Joshua Harris’ book, I want us to be aware that our love life is not our problem. It is not our decision on who and when and how we find the right one. This is the main problem we have here in our generation. Even grade school students are worrying on who their true love is. It is not our job in looking for our future wife or husbands. It is not our job to look for the Mr. Right or Ms. Right. I want to propose a campaign that teenagers and even young professionals to stop looking for their future partners. Why? We have better things to do than look for them. We should be busy in honing our skills, focusing ourselves in our careers, and most importantly, serving God in His ministry. Our love life will follow. Right now, our job is to serve others and be the better version of ourselves.

Well, I hope you guys help me with this campaign. It will be a pleasure if you share this to others. And please, if you share this post of mine, place the hashtag #StopScrewingUpTheTimeline.

That’s it for now.

Good Day!


The Duke


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