Fiery Monday presents, Flame The Fiery Champion Book 1: The Beginning, Chapter 1

Flame The Fiery Champion Book 1: The Beginning


The Cliff, seven kilometers outside Cyber City

September 9, 1999

22:00 Hours

      The night sky is quiet. The stars are sparkling on the dark heavens, proud of its magnificent light. The breeze blew its cold wind on the dry grass. The inhabitants of the forest roam, others looking for their prey while some looking for a place to have some shut eye. Everything was quiet, until a meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed on the rockiest places of The Cliff. The meteor hit the biggest one and made it split into two using its mighty impact. The area cleared only to see that it was not a meteorite, it was a metal alloy that is sphere in its shape.

The sphere cooled and before the smoke can clear out, the alien object split into half and somewhere inside the spherical object is a metal plate that eventually fell on the cratered ground. The sphere then was buried on the ground and so was the metal plate, leaving no trace as if nothing happened.

Then silence filled the cold atmosphere.


*                             *                             *                             *                            *                            *

Someone had said to me that some people are born great, others are built with greatness, while some have greatness instilled in them and that we only need to believe and seek that greatness in ourselves. These words were carved in the outskirts of my mind and ‘til now, I’m puzzled why these words were given to me. Every day, I see greatness before my eyes but wonder why those words were given to me. As I continue to live my life, I slowly realized the meaning of those words but still I wonder why it is given to me.

I live in a city where greatness and the impossible happens. Every day, I see human beings fly on air, run as fast as lightning, lift boulders that can’t be moved by any ordinary being. Every bit of them, I saw greatness. They use their abilities to help those who are helpless, save those who need saving. Basically, I live in a city where heroes exists.

But there are some who are great but does the exact opposite of the heroes. They use their powers to oppress the ones who are already oppressed, devour the ones who are weak. They conquer, dominate, and kill for their own benefit. They are known as the bad guys of the city, the villains I should say.

Now you may ask, where do I stand? On what side do I fight with? These is where I will start. My name is John Mark Johnson, and these is my story.

*                             *                             *                             *                            *                            *


Cyber City, New Centralland

March 8, 2016; Friday

18:00 Hours

It is already six in the evening and I’m devouring my fifth cheese burger of the day. I leaned forward to the table and pulled the plate to my face. I grabbed the enormous sandwich filled with lettuce, tomato ketchup, and a slice of pickle with the huge piece of beef in between. I took a huge bite and munched it with pure vigor. As I eat my burger, I gave my attention to my best friend in front of me who was sipping her strawberry shake. She stared at me and smiled.

“What?” I said with mouthful of meat in my mouth.

“Nothing,” she said as she gives her adorable smile. She then continued on sipping her shake as I continued to eat my precious burger.

I munched and swallowed as I stare at the streets outside the diner, I contemplated on the scenery I was seeing. The streets were filled with litters that came from unknown origin. Trashes were lying down on the sidewalks and no one was bothered on the filth on the concrete terrain. I slowly gave my attention to the buildings that was hindering the view. Across the street was Zeus Industries, a multi-dollar billion company which was owned by a prominent businessman in New Centralland and a Mythology Maniac, Charles Zeus.

I wonder why he placed his company in this crappy place of the city, I said to myself as I continue to munch on my meal, he should have placed it near the huge companies in the city.

          As my eyes wander off, something caught my attention. The cans that were lying on the floor began to shake as if something big is coming. At first, it gave a soft shake but as seconds pass by, the quake began to be more vigorous. In an instant, the whole place was rumbling. Glasses from various establishments began to shatter, people from the sidewalks began to scatter and the ground began to crack.

“We need to go.” I said as I turn to Sara.

She nodded and prepared her stuff.

I began to stand up and head to the counter where Mr. Gonzalez, the owner of the diner, was. While he was wiping his ice cream glass, he noticed that I was going to the counter and went to tend my needs.

“What’s the problem Mr. Johnson?” Mr. Gonzalez asked as he continue to wipe the glasses.

“We need to get this people out of here,” I answered as I wipe my mouth from the ketchup.

Mr. Gonzalez nodded and went to the other costumers to warn them. As for me I went back to the table where I was and I saw that Sara was ready to go. We then went straight to the door and assisted other civilians to evacuate from the diner. As soon as the costumers were on the road, Sara and I went straight to the bus stop in order to avoid the eminent chaos.

Phew! I said to myself, that was clo-

          I was cut short when suddenly an explosion occurred behind us. I slowly turn my head and realized, the villain was near us that I could see its shadow. I was supposed to run away but what am I doing standing here and waiting for my destruction. As the shadow comes closer, I can see what or who it is. It was a man using some packs to fly. Behind him is a canister-like that are connected to his packs that serve as his fuel for the pack. Beside the canisters that are attached on his back are tubes, one on each side that is connected to the wrists and on it are regulators or ignitions. The man also wears a pair of goggles which are orange tinted, a crimson body armor and a pair of combat boots. The canisters behind him has a fire design which gives his identity. He is the fiery villain known as El Fuego.

He turns on his regulator and lets out a series of bursts of fire. He then gives out a smirk on his evil face. The people on the sidewalks began to disperse and started to scream and shout out of fear. The cars on the street crashed on to each other leaving its passengers and drivers trapped inside their vehicles, waiting for their scorching deaths.

I stood on the sidewalk, not knowing on what to do. I want to help but I do not know what to do. I am no match with the villain at hand. I might even cause my own death. But what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. I quickly darted to the nearby car and tried to pull out the man that is trying to free himself out from his car. He was almost free, until an explosion happened from a nearby car which made the door went flying around sky until it fell on the man’s feet.

Damn it! I cursed, why is it always have to be the feet?

I tried to free him but the explosions happening around me kept me distracted. Sara, who was recovering from the explosion went to help me free the man. It was a success and the man came running away from the battle-like grounds. I turned my head and to my surprise, El Fuego was now on top of us.

What in the world? I exclaimed to myself, how in the bananas did he get here so fast?

          He hovered on top of us and he was staring at me, looking at me as if I am his dinner for that night. His eyes sparkled like a wolf that had found its prey. His smile was of an annoying clown you do not want to have in your eighth birthday.

In an impulse, I grabbed a chunk of rock from the debris beside me and threw it on his face. It hit him perfectly! His goggles shattered and his face began to bleed, maybe because of the shattered glass or the debris I threw at him, pick one. He began to scream because of the pain that I gave him.

Screw you! I said to myself.

“Why did you do that?” Sara said as she looked at me with her adorable, angry eyes.

Before I could answer, the hovering demon above us began to growl and roar like an angry beast. I immediately grabbed Sara by the arm and darted away from the villain above us. We ran as fast as we could to avoid the now angry villain.

“I don’t even know what hit me.” I said as we ran away from the warzone, “it just came like an instinct.”

As we ran for our lives, I turned my head and to my surprise, he was there following us with an enraged look on his damaged face.

This could be the end of my life!

          “Get the hell back here!” El Fuego shouted as he chase us, “get back here or el—“

Before he could finish his sentence, someone had cut him off. Of course we were busy running for our lives that I didn’t realize that someone had stopped the lunatic. Sara pulled me to stop and made me turn to the new scene behind us. There I saw Crusher, the leader of The Mighty Guild of Heroes (and at this moment, I am fanboying, if that’s the term). He wears his black leather jacket and inside it is a body armor. On both of his arms are his Iron Gauntlets, a pair of glove-like equipment that gives him super strength. He also wears a pair of jeans and combat boots and on them are small engines that grant him to fly. Also, let’s not forget his signature look, his pair of shades and a well-combed hair.

El Fuego was now down. His canisters was given a huge hole on the left making it to malfunction (good thing it didn’t explode). The jetpacks are also severed by the attack made by Crusher. The villain slowly stood up and regained his stance. He removed his goggles from his now totally bleeding face and taunted on the hero.

“Looky- looky who’s here,” El Fuego said with a trace of his Mexican accent, “The Crusher ready to save the day.”

Well, Crusher didn’t give a crap on what he was taking about instead he turned to us.

“Go, now,” Crusher said with a deep manly tone, “go, while this dick is still distracted.”

“Who you callin’ ‘dick’?” El Fuego asked with a more angry tone, “you do not ha–”

Again he was cut by Crusher as he pounced on him and takes him down to the ground.

“GO!” Crusher repeated.

In an instant, Sara and I ran as fast as we could away from the two Superiors brawling. From Cobblestone Street, the destination on where we were at, we sprinted at least three to four blocks away from the danger zone. As we arrive from Circuit Avenue, Sara stopped.

“I… I ca-… I can’t… run… any… more,” she said as she catches her breathe from the long run.

“O… okay,” I replied as I regain my breathe too, “I thi… think we… are away… from the… danger zone.”

As the two of us rest and regain our strength, a shadow came hovering above us. At first we didn’t mind for I thought it was nothing. But as I turn my head to check it out, I saw where the shadow belongs. It was from a man who was flying on top of us.



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