Missing Someone

I usually Catch myself staring at a trance
Imagining that Her head would rest on my shoulder.
The feeling is Extraordinary!
All the Negativity in my mind starts to fade
And the feeling is Exhilarating.
It even Encompasses my soul and reaches the heavens.

In my soul, excitement Rises.
It Opens my eyes and see a new me.
The beautiful Sound of your voice,
It Echoes in the corners in the uttermost corners of my heart.

Nothing can Interpret the sensation.
Not even in a million Light years
That One person can explain it.
It may be Vague to everyone
But I will make it Evident in my actions.
So that You will know
The Oracle that is instilled in my heart
And make you realize my Unlimited love for you

Yes, I may just be saying This words
Because I miss you Here by my side.
But still I'll Exercise a waiting heart.
Driven with might and patience,
I will Utilize my time reforging and rebuilding myself.
In this way, in favor with our King,
He will prepare a future for us to Enjoy, together.



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