Fiery Monday presents, Flame The Fiery Champion Book 1: The Beginning, Prologue

Flame The Fiery Champion Book 1: The Beginning




Miler’s Authority Street, Cyber City

April 9, 2003

16:00 Hours

        I ran as fast I can. I went to my left and hid on an alley. I closed my eyes and then I heard footsteps on my right. It was like a group running. I heard their footsteps rush beside me. I keep my eyes closed and hope that they will never see me. As the footsteps slowly vanished, it was that moment I opened my eyes and saw that they had gone away. I turned to the right but there was no one except a group of businessmen walking inside Roger’s Company. On my left, there was also no sign of the bullies I was running from except from the crowd walking to and fro on the sidewalk.

I assumed that the bullies that were after me are now gone. I assumed wrong. As I went out from my hiding place, I didn’t even notice that someone was waiting on the other end of the street. As I walk on the pavement, the boy who was at the other side of the street began to yell something. At first, I thought he was just messing with the people on the street but I realized that he was yelling to the bullies who were chasing me. Ralph, the leader of the group, motioned his finger towards me and signaled his crew of mischief boys. They began to race towards me as if I was the prize of a game. I ran for my life hoping that these bullies will not catch me, again, for the third time this week. But then again, I was proved wrong. One of Ralph’s bullymate (as if there’s a word) managed to tackle me and bring me down to my feet. There, I was lying like a cheese that had been spoiled from a sandwich. I was a sitting duck! Ralph grabbed me by the collar and gave his most annoying stare. As if he’s going to scare me.

“Hey, Johnny!” Ralph began as he speaks in front of me and I can smell his awful breathe.

“Hey, Ralph,” I answered as I try to free myself, “what seems to be the problem here?”

“You messed with the wrong group again John,” Ralph answered, I really can smell something is off about his breathe, “you think you can save everyone in the campus and be the hero.”

Ralph gave me a powerful blow on the stomach which I received gladly.

“You are no hero John and you’ll never be,” Ralph began to beat me and he was followed by his three companions who began to beat me up on the pavement.



Camp Shank Avenue, Cyber City

April 9, 2003

18:30 Hours

          I went home with a bleeding nose and with a bruised left eye. The beating that I got from Ralph’s crew was still stinging on my face even if I hold the ice pack on my face, courtesy of Mr. Gonzalez and his diner, which he even gave me a root beer float. As I came close to our house, I can’t help to notice that there was some commotion happening in our area. I hurried to our place and there I saw three police vehicles parked outside our house and our neighbors crowding outside our lawn. There was also a police tape that went from one end of our lawn to the other. My heart began to race, something is wrong. I ran passed the police tape and darted towards the door. The officer that was on the front lawn recognize me and let me in our house. As I entered, our house was in complete disarray. The picture frames, wallpapers, lamps, everything was in complete chaos. I also saw what seems to be like bullet holes on our walls and burned things. On the floor, there were blood stains all over and as I pass through our living room to our dining area, there I saw four body bags lying on the floor.

The officer that was accompanying me was explaining what happened. There was a man who entered our house and began to shoot inside our house. Dad, who had just arrive from work, defended the family by bringing out his gun on the drawer. But when the man was shoot, he suddenly began to emit fire from his wounds and burned them alive. The officer didn’t let me see the bodies of my family for it was gruesome and it may scare the hell out of me. I didn’t listen and I insisted on opening the bags. The officer that was with me opened the bags and let me see for myself. There I saw my family’s faces staring at me in cold blood. That was the most devastating moment in my life.

There, I never felt the pain that was stinging on my face. What I’m feeling right now is anger and being alone for the very first time in my life.


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