Your Unexpected Hero

Your Unexpected Hero


I may not have the strength like Superman,
Who can carry anything especially an enormous van,
Or has his great speed like the light,
That can save Lois Lane with one flight,
But I have the heart and strength to protect you,
Even if my strength is due,

I may not have Batman’s riches,
Who can grant your heart’s wishes,
Or has his cool ebony Batmobile,
That can fetch Rachel Dawes in every hill,
But I will be always there to make you smile,
Even if the situation is is bitter as a bile,

I may not have the charisma like The Flash,
Who can make you smile in a dash,
Or has his lightning speed,
That can save Tina McGee when she’s in need,
But I will give my best to you,
Even if my jokes are corny and the funny parts are few,

I may not be like Thor, prince of Asgard,
Who can protect the kingdom not that hard,
Or has his trusty, mighty Mjolnir,
That’ll keep Jane Foster from danger when it’s near,
But I will comfort you at your lowest,
Even be with you at your best,

I may not be like as tough as Wolverine,
Who had been shot, stabbed, but still breathin’,
Or has his razor-sharp adamantium claws,
That can save Mariko Yashida from hazard’s jaws,
But I will save you from your insecurities,
Even from the baddies and bullies,

I may not have Spiderman’s flexibility,
Dodging every debris as he flee,
Or his God-given spider senses,
That can protect Gwen Stacey when danger glances,
But my heart will be my radar,
Even protecting and guiding wherever you are,

I may be your unexpected hero,
That came to your ground zero,
I am willing to save you and be your forever companion,
I will protect you and I’ll be your mighty champion,
You would not be my less,
But i will treat you as my princess.


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