Ordinary yet it rings a bell,
Simple yet hard to tell,
Words from a friend that you can’t sell,
One of the few words that leaves a pleasant smell,
Like on a seashore that had left a beautiful shell,May this word be embedded in our memory,
May it leave a dent on our hearts and be remembered even after a century,
It maybe simple but i pray you’ll cherish it like a precious ivory,
And I could write my reasons to stay on a whole stationary,
And make every word sweet as a berry,
And even write my thanks to all of you fairly,

I hope this would not be our last good-bye,
But I’m looking forward to our next “Hi”,
I also pray that everything we taught you will never die,
And in time, you’ll apply ’em to soar high,
But we will always be nigh,
Able to help with no sigh.


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