Can You Be My Lady?

Can You Be My Lady?

You are my lady, 
You captivate me so easily,
Every time I glance at your beauty,
My world starts to stop slowly,
Mesmerized with your image that is so lovely,

Your eyes always enchants me,
Like a spell that had been cast upon me,
It's like the Pleiades above I see,
Placed by God so free,
And catches my attention with glee,

Your smile never leaves my head,
Like a beautiful rose that is crimson red,
More beautiful than what Da Vinci had painted,
And always leaves me captivated,
Like an ice left under the sun, melted,

I never grow weary looking at you,
It feels like I’m always new,
Like a grass with an early morning dew,
With you in sight, I don’t know what to do,
Like a song who forgot its cue,


Every time I glance your way,
The sun would always give its ray,
Shining down on you as I pray,
Asking Him that day,
What would I do for you to stay?

You overwhelm my heart,
Like a sweet strawberry tart,
Savoring its taste with every part,
And never abandons me like a beautiful art,
Which is embedded on my heart,

As you move around,
I see elegance in you that surround,
Like an angel with a lovely sound,
Which I searched and now I found,
That was with me, all the time, here on ground,

I can say these things again and again,
Until my lips are dead as a den,
Although, there are a lot of men,
Like me who are waiting for your hand,
But give me a chance and be my lady unto the end.

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